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Coming soon, my debut suspense-romance fiction novel. Keep your eyes open this winter for Dragonfly, ISBN:0-595-40643-2.


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  1. Your comments are welcome. Thanks.

  2. I hear you are working on a second novel. Can’t wait.

  3. I have to read the first one before I could say “can’t wait” for a second.
    When will I see it in the bookstores?

    PS ~ should that say Email

  4. Can’t wait to read “Dragonfly”.

  5. I am as anxious as you are for Dragonfly to get to the stores. Keep your eyes on for new releases.

  6. Dragonfly is now in production. Keep your eyes on Barnes and Noble, Google, and

  7. Wonderful news! Congratulations.

  8. This is a thrilling story of international intrigue and deception in the noir style. Investigators Rosa Arroya and Juan Perez team up to capture Jack ‘Gutsy’ Bucco, diamond thief extrordinaire. A web of intrigue and deception prevails as Arroya entraps Bucco by disguising herself as the seductive heiress of a diamond family dynasty. But in the end, Arroya and Bucco struggle with their feelings for each other in a surprising turn of events.

  9. DRAGONFLY is ready for purchase at long last. Enjoy the story and let me know your comments. Remember, the sequel, CHAMELEON should be out next year!

  10. DRAGONFLY, by author Elaine Anderson, was featured among other Cape Cod Writers in the Sunday, Cape Cod Times, March
    11, 2007 “Books: Enjoy a variety of great reading experiences.”

  11. Dragonfly, by author Elaine Anderson, was featured in the Provincetown Banner on March 29, 2007. The headline “Hard-boiled female cop gets wings in ‘Dragonfly'”.
    The author read to a full house at the Provincetown Library at 5 p.m. March 29, 2007. All books available for the reading.signing were sold out. Now Voyager in Provincetown has restocked the novel in time for the WOMR author interview, April 11, 2007. Also books are available through and Barnes and Noble.

  12. Dragonfly the psychological suspense story by author Elaine Anderson was featured on the WOMR call-in radio show with Char Priola interviewing the author on April 11. It was an enthusiastic 60 minutes of answering questions, reading story exerpts, and an overall good time.

  13. Dragonfly will be the featured book for a reading/signing by the author Elaine Anderson at the Truro Library, on Cape Cod June 19, 2007 at 6:30 p.m.

  14. Dragonfly will be the featured book at a reading/signing by author Elaine Anderson at 1:00 p.m.on June 14, 2007 at the Provincetown Council on Aging

  15. Good news! Dragonfly II: Chameleon has been written and in its third edit. Look for it in December!

  16. Fictionwriter has been busy with DRAGONFLY readings:
    July 9 – breakfast at Seashore Point Office, Provincetown, and
    July 10 – Writer’s Voice Cafe, Provincetown.
    DRAGONFLY is now available at Provincetown Books and Now Voyager in Provincetown.
    Look for August signing at the Booksmith, Orleans, Cape Cod, where DRAGONFLY is available.

  17. If you read DRAGONFLY and enjoyed it, tell a friend about it, buy it as a gift, ask me to talk with your book group and get a signed personalized copy. I am grateful for all of your compliments! And yes, CHAMELEON will soon follow. Fictionwriter

  18. Check out my new blog at

    Be sure to sign the guestbook! Thanks.

  19. Sorry. Please correct blog address:

    I’ll look for your comments in the guestbook at Netti’s Place for Writers.. Fictionwriter

  20. Hello Fiction Writer,
    I know this is a long shot, but I work in an Interlibrary Loan Office where a patron wants us to borrow a copy of Escala de actitudes de Allison (Version en Espanol) EDAA by Elaine J. Anderson. Different Elaine Anderson?

  21. Please visit my blog site and let me know what you think.

    Anderson’s Mystery Place at

  22. I’ve changed the name of the blog to Anderson’s Crime Mystery Corner. Hope you visit.

  23. I have been very busy since I last wrote to you. I’ve had book signings at the Booksmiths in Orleans, Cape Cod and been the featurered reader at the Provincetown Writer’s Voice Cafe.

    I am thrilled with the comments I am receiving from you as you finish reading ‘Dragonfly’.

    Comments like, “I couldn’t put it down until the last word”; “This story would make a great movie”; “I’ve given your book, Dragonfly, to my son for his birthday.” Thank you.

    ‘Chameleon’ will be out by summer. It is another Rosa Arroya Novel of suspense and romance. Both novels are available at Barnes and Noble and

  24. CHAMELEON now available at!

  25. Sorry for the long delay in givng you an update. Since last I worte, Chameleon hit the market and feedback is very good. The third novel in this Rosa Arroya series, Invisibility Formula, Code Name IF, is in producton and will be released in 2011. This is another tough crime for Rosa to solve. Please look for it soon. All of these fiction crime novels are available for purchase on Fictionwriter

  26. Here I am again with news of the third Rosa Arroya crime novel, INVISIBILITY FORMULA, CODE NAME IF

  27. NOW AVAILABLE the third Rosa Arroya crime novel, INVISIBILITY FORMULA, CODE NAME IF, at AMAZON.COM

  28. Check out my website at, and get more information on the Rosa Arroya Crime series; Dragonfly, Chameleon, and released this year, Invisibility Formula. Each book makes a great gift or just an escape for awhile. Let me know how you like the series.

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